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Tips for Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

Most people look forward to their vacation months in advance as it is often one of the few opportunities to catch a few consecutive days of stress-free living. Before leaving on vacation, the insurance professionals at Senn Insurance Agency offer these protection tips for your property or home in and around the O’Fallon, MO vicinity.  

Lock Doors & Windows

Make sure the property is secure. Consider extra security like a deadbolt.  

Install a Home Security System

Home security is now more affordable than ever. You can have alarms on windows and doors.

Use Light Timers

Set timers for lights or TVs/Radios to deter potential thieves.

Have a Friend/Family Member Keep an Eye on Your Empty Home.

Ask someone to check the property regularly while you are away.

Hold Mail & Newspapers

A pile of folded and unread newspapers is a sure sign the residents are not home. Put the mail on hold or ask your neighbor to get it.  

Lay Low on Social Media

Vacations are exciting, so people share their experiences with friends and family live and online. Avoid these pots until you are home to avoid tipping off a potential burglar.  

Secure valuable items

Consider storing valuable items in a safe or other safe location. Finding an appropriate safe can protect your items from storms, fires, and theft.

Don’t Leave a Hide-A-Key

This method is not secure and may increase the chance the property is burglarized.

Install an Outdoor Senso- Light

These lights switch on when sensing any movement.

The Take Away

The last thing you want after a vacation is to come home to an issue that may have been preventable by being cautious. For information on further protecting your home and family in the greater O’Fallon, MO area, call the professionals at Senn Insurance Agency at 636-987-7798 or online.