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5 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

While there is no mistaking that driving a vehicle ignites independence, it is also dangerous – particularly for new drivers. As a new driver, here’s what you can do to ensure your safety while on the road.

1. Put Your Phone Away

Driving is the time to limit distractions so that you can keep your eyes on the road. Don’t even tempt yourself with the ability to look at your phone by placing it in the glove box or in the seat behind you. If you have to make a phone call, use Bluetooth or a system like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto – all three of which are now found in many newer vehicles. 

2. Watch Your Speed

Maintain the speed limit and be mindful of other drivers around you. Stay in the far right lane as much as possible and allow vehicles traveling faster the opportunity to pass you on the left.

3. Adjust the Mirrors and More

Since it is likely that a new driver is sharing a vehicle that may be used by another person of a different height or body style, it is important to always check the mirrors and adjust the seat prior to putting the car in gear. 

4. Follow the Signs

Pay attention to your surroundings and recognize the speed limit on the same road may vary. Furthermore, everything from hazards to blind spots are identified on road signs so it is important to always look at them.

5. Know the Car

Take the time to review your vehicle’s manual so that you know everything from where the headlights are located to how to change the air conditioning temperature.

When it comes to first time drivers, quality auto insurance with excess liability coverage is a must. Contact the team at Senn Insurance Agency in O’Fallon, MO to learn more about our auto insurance options.